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We offer professional services in an area of national and international transport, surface transport of ADR, freight forwarding and logistics, storage, handling and air and marine transport.

National road transport

Manira s. r. o. secures about 400 transportations every month. Our motivated team works for you, our clients, always with maximum effort, while putting emphasis on unmistakable handling of your package. We follow effective methods and we are flexible in reaction to all sorts of needs. Every package transported by our company is properly insured.
We manage our own base of fleet vehicles:

  • All the vehicles meet the ecological norms stated by the EU
  • Tracking the vehicles with GPS
  • Guaranteed terms of delivery and additions of the vehicles on time
  • Favorable prices

We work in a cooperation with a widespread net of our partners all around Europe. We are ready to transport your packages of variable sizes.

International road transport

We secure international road haulage not only inside the EU but also in countries out of the EU.

Our team consists of motivated professionals with rich experience in the field of securing transport services and logistics. We are ready to fulfil your demands on a high level of quality.

  • Transport of non-hazardous goods using curtainsider
  • Transport of non-hazardous goods using semitrailer of the type “plato”.
  • Transport of non-hazardous goods using curtainsiders of the type “solo”.
  • Transport according to ADR excluding class n. 7
  • Transport of excessive packages
  • LTL transports of 1 pallet and more
  • Transport of free-flowing materials by the vehicle of the type “walkingfloor”
  • Insurance of the responsibility of the forwarder up to 10 mils. Czk according to the CMR convention

A possibility to further insure all the transported packages.

Surface transport of ADR

We cooperate with forwarders inside the EU who specialize in the transportation of ADR.

Within a frame of our services, we offer national and international truck transport of ADR of all classes except the class 7 – Radioactive material.

Every ADR package is supervised individually and has its own safety plan of transport including a combination of several tracking technologies.

All the requests are fulfilled by a team of trained professionals.

Freight forwarding and logistics

Freight forwarding makes a significant part of our service that is, thanks to our well-motivated team and a team of our coworkers, experts from all parts of Czech Republic, able to provide you a complex service of transport. We can secure and organize any sort of transport for you and get your load to its destination safely and on time.

The complexity of our supply and services is constantly raising in response to the demand of our customers. We try to adapt the solutions to each of their needs.

Storage and handling

The complexity of the system of transport includes services such as distribution, storage and high-quality documentation on the condition that the quality and an appropriate price is preserved.

The variety of our supply and services is constantly raising to fulfil all the requirements of our customers.

Within a frame of storage project, we plan to build our own storage areas in 2019 according to the standard:

System of storage in accordance with the latest logistic center solving systems:

  • Stocktaking and order records
  • Consolidation and goods packaging
  • Palletizing and labeling
  • Expedition and storage of dangerous goods of ADR regime
  • Infrastructure for the goods with monitored temperature
  • Delivers „Just in Time“
  • Distribution service to the final customer
  • Cross dock

Air and maritime transport


  • Transport of package units (LCL)
  • Transport of whole containers (FCL)
  • Excessive Packages
  • IMO transport – dangerous goods
  • Package expedition, package monitoring in a port
  • Certification according to credit letter (B/L)
  • Issue of IMO documents
  • Package insurance

To assure a high-quality service of the maritime transport we cooperate with renowned shipowners.


Within the frame of air transport, we provide services, such as:

  • Picking-up and packaging the delivery
  • Transportation to the airport
  • Complex customs procedure
  • Air forwarding
  • Goods delivery to stated destination – “door to door”
  • Package insurance

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